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DEKRA Mystery Shopping service makes it possible for you to find out how much are your employees’ actions in accordance with the standards of your business organization. DEKRA Mystery Shopping is an effective tool for collecting information about real experiences in order to improve your service or product. One of the main goals in DEKRA Mystery Shopping projects is to develop and improve current standards and to increase buyer's satisfaction.

We implement all DEKRA Mystery Shopping projects in accordance with the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research.

DEKRA is also a member of the international professional organization of mystery shopping service providers - MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association).

We also provide all services from market research domain.



The purpose of market research is to collect data and information about customers / consumers, competition, distribution channels and individuals / companies that are not yet business customers. They serve as a basis for planning, organizing, identifying business problems and controlling business processes. Collected data can greatly contribute to making further business decisions and reducing the risk when making these decisions. We differentiate between two groups of research - quantitative and qualitative research.

Quantitative research is an empirical research carried out on a sample with the aim of representing the results obtained on the population. The most common and most famous quantitative research is the survey method. Given the way we collect data, we differentiate:

  • face-to-face polling
  • telephone polling - CATI
  • on-line Survey - CAWI
  • post-polling


In contrast, qualitative research provides a deeper analysis of individual issues. It is used to a much smaller sample, in which we try to identify the factors that influence the decision-making of individuals and their motivation. It also provides us with a wider and more complete picture, and gives us answers to questions of why, when, where, where. The most common qualitative research methods are:

  •  a dubious or semi-structured interview
  •  focus group



The product / service test implies different testing methods of existing and / or new products / services. This service is intended for companies wishing to launch a complete new product or service on the market, boost sales of existing products through upgrades to current product lines, introduce some changes to their current assortment (change packaging, name, pricing ...) or expanding a targeted consumer group. The goal of this service is to launch products / services that will become recognizable on the market and minimize potential future costs incurred by unsuccessful introduction of certain novelties.



Brand awareness or customer's ability to identify the brand / brand of a company based on its attributes. As a particular brand is more frequently mentioned, tried and recommended, the greater the likelihood that the audience will accept the same brand (company, product, service), trust it and choose it specifically. Brand awareness does not only mean that customers for some brand have just heard and what their associations for the brand, which they feel is in them, the overall knowledge of that brand and its products / services.



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